Prices and reservation

INFORMATION: During the high season (approximately December 15 to May 15), try to call a few days early to make sure you get a reservation on dates that suit you.

Excursion mangrove Ecotour in solar boat :

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Adult : 75 €

Teenager (12-17 y.o) : 65 €

Children (-12 y.o) : 45 €

Baby (-1 y.o) : free


Discount for groups  (over 10 people)

Payment on the spot by check or cash.


A 1 € tax is to be paid separately to the  National Park of Guadeloupe. This tax makes it possible to finance the protection of these natural spaces. Click for more information.

mangrove lagoon
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Contact and reservation

To make your reservation according to our schedules of excursions, please fill the following form or call the 0690 422869:

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Excursions ecotourisme et découverte des cétacés : baleines, dauphins, cachalots, ...

ecotourism and cetacean discovery: whale watching, dolphins, sperm whales, ...

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