About Us Guadeloupe Evasion Découverte

Guadeloupe Evasion Découverte, established in 2005, develops ecotourism activities aimed assigns the discovery of specific ecosystems of Guadeloupe.

It is a spirit and ethics that we share with our participants to make tourism sustainable development means for Guadeloupe.

Partner or member organizations and associations in Guadeloupe as the NFB, the National Park, DIREN, BREACH (cetaceans network) and OMAG (cetaceans network) kap Natirel (Turtle network), Guadeloupe Evasion Découverte gets involved in the protection and identification of protected species and coral reefs.

Guadeloupe Evasion Découverte offers weekly  tours in Grand Cul de Sac Marin from Ste-Rose, mangrove and from Deshaies whales watching tours.

Each tour is led by an ecotourism guide or eco-whaler guide. Our guide informes the participants in an educational, playful and cultural way. We focus on the various ecosystems and the species met as well as the unique biodiversity in Guadeloupe.


The catamaran " Blue Planet " offers a very good comfort on board appreciated by the participants with its wide cabin, to put itself in the shade, its system stands of arrangements for personal effects, its toilet, its passageway and its wide outside bench to admire the landscape, its  fresh water fountain and its launching scale.Our solar electric ship " TAONABA " in service since November 2014 offers comfort and silence which you shall plunge you in the heart of the wildlife of the marine reserve.


Excursions ecotourisme et découverte des cétacés : baleines, dauphins, cachalots, ...

ecotourism and cetacean discovery: whale watching, dolphins, sperm whales, ...

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